Stuart Carling / OWNER

Hi my name is Stu I fell in love with the bicycle way back in 1987. I started working in the bike industry in 1990 due to my interest in competition Since then, I've gone from being a casual staff member to a manager and owner of a bike shop. I've been to world releases of new product, toured the major bicycle assembly plants in Taiwan, been a mechanic for Shimano at the MTB world cycling championships here at Mt Stromlo. I have attended several courses in bike fitting and have a good understanding for bicycle fit. To have been witness to the great changes that have occurred within the bicycle industry both the growth in technology (I never thought I would ever be telling a customer to bring their bike in for a firmware update) and the growth of professionalism and size of the industry especially from my early days in the game has been a privilege.

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Some of the cool stuff we got in according to their repair needs

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